Цель нашего предприятия - производство продукции высокого качества!
производство убт

Since its foundation SE “Drill Collars and Kellys Plant” manufactures drill collars and kellys for drilling operations in oil and gas extraction, as well as for exploratory drilling in all climatic zones. 

The enterprise also produces metal products for various purposes, forged pieces and castings of various steel grades. 

Annually in the beginning of the year management of the enterprise defines the goals in the sphere of Quality.

Equipment of metallurgical production allows to produce a wide range of steels.

Forging production includes radial forging machine and high-speed press.

Machine shop equipped with high-performance special equipment.

At the request of the customer performed the supply of heavy-weight drill pipe with hardfacing.

Modern controls, equipment with active control, the quality control laboratory.

The company is certified and has all necessary certificates.