Technical process of machining industry

Centerless turning of the bars Ø 79-300 mm. Equipment: WDH 300/15/240 KISERLING.
Milling of butt-ends
Assurance of bar ends alignment for Ø 79-300 mm.
Milling of edges
Milling squares and hexagons on the Rotary kellys.
Deep boring of drill collar bars from the length of 400 mm. Diameter of boring 31,8- 101,6 mm.
Tool-joint thread connections cutting on drill collars and root of thread strengthening by means of surface cold hardening.
Phosphate treatment
(5 micrometer thick) coating of threaded ends.
Magnetic crack detection
Inspection of thread connections for surface defects.
Turning machining
Elevator and slip recesses and surface machining of HWDP.
Milling of steel
Cutting of spiral grooves on drill collars, OD 89-279 mm. Spiral groove length is 6500 mm max and depth min 4 - 12 mm.
Welding of hard banding
Hard banding of wear-resistant bands with ARNCO 150 XT, ARNCO 350 XT or tungsten-carbide cut grains.
Painting of the product
Outside anti-corrosion coating, PF-116 enamel.
Storage facilities
Shipping to the storage facilities

Finished product storage of SE "Drill Collars and Kellys Plant" is a railroad mechanized warehouse of closed type that represents a separate 10 m high building and is designed for storage and shipment of finished products of own production. Placement of products in the openings fully ensures their safe storage.

Loading and unloading of products is performed by the instrumentality of overhead traveling cranes with lifting capacity of 20 tons.

Finished product storage building gives the opportunity to carry out shipment by rail and trucking that allows shipment by small and large lots of products.