Purchased equipment and spare parts

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1. List of Spare Parts.
1.1.Imported Spare Parts:

1.1.1. SIEMENS, Lovatto Electric, Schnaider Electric, ICAR, ABB, IEK, ETI spare parts for power substantions of arc furnaces (contactors, relays, safety switches, automatic switches, high voltage condensators, high voltage rectifier), electric drive of different mechanisms (Frequency Converters, Automation Soft-Starters.

1.1.2. Spare parts of DEMAG production of enterprise’s shop travelling cranes (sleeves of pilot and auxiliary hoists, elastic inserts for sleeves..

1.1.3. Spare parts for hydraulic equipment of REXROTH and VICKERS production (rotary group of axial piston pumps and guided-vane pumps, pump seals, bearings, hydrodistributors proportional, servovalves, logical elements and others).

1.1.4. Semperit hoses and analogues (high pressure hydraulic hoses, gas hoses, oxygen hoses and hoses for service water).

1.1.5. LEROY-SOMMER, FIMET (Italy) reduction gears, motor-reductors, or their CIS analogues for various mechanisms of shop equipment (tundish drives, powered roller conveyors for tubular products).

1.1.6. CAMOZZI, BRANDONI, KLINGER, FLUITEN component parts and equipment for pneumatic systems and water cooling systems of furnaces and continuous casting machines.

1.1.7. Large-size bronze bushings (Ø24 3/8 inches, length 250 mm) of radial forging machine hydraulic cylinders (of Ampco Metal (Switzerland ) or CIS plants production with centrifugal casting).

1.1.8. German crane rails 55, 75.

1.1.9. SKF, FAG, Timken bearings for high-loaded technical devices, electric motors of high voltage (110-160 kW), imported heat treatment equipment (Kieserling, Berardi, Max Muller).

1.1.10. ANGA or analogues carbide-silicic mud pump butt seals, chemical pumps (phosphatation), rotary collectors for water feed of technological devises.

1.1.11. Simrit hydraulic equipment seams (rod, piston, guide bands of hydro cyclinder seams). And also seams manufactured according to customers drawings.

1.2.Spare parts of home manufacture:

1.2.1. Shafts, pinion shafts, pinions, spur gears, helical gears of: DIP-500, Skoda, R-90 and “narkh” lead-and-feed screw lathe speed gear-boxes, DEMAG bridge crane reduction gears, driving reduction gears of chip augers and other mechanisms) manufactured according to customers drawings.

1.2.2. Component parts of gear drives (gear clutch, gear rings, gear buckets) manufactured according to customers drawings.

1.2.3. Spare parts for various devices with such operations as drawing, slotting, milling, heat treatment).

1.2.4. Ball-and-screw units, torque shaft of imported and home manufactured lead-and-feed screw lathes, torque shaft of thread-cutting machine manufactured according to customers drawings.

1.2.5. Tools (numerical stamps, insertion of central plant laboratory equipment).

1.2.6. Rubber goods (round cross-section sealing rings for hydraulic equipment), drive cone belts, clad seals, heat-, frost-, acid-, alkali resistant plate, sealing rubber rope Ø46 mm, brakeband (ferredo) of crane brake mechanisms.

1.2.7. Crane wheels.

1.2.8. Rotary pumps of K type (for water repumping, chemical pumps).

1.2.9. Bearings.

1.2.10. Wire and cable goods (enamel insulated wire for electromotor rewinding, cables of different types and cross-sections, for both processing plant electro equipment repair and domestic rooms repair).

1.2.11. Electronic components (relays, limit switches, variable-induction pickup and others for mechanisms (roll-tables) of bars transportation and other transport lines).

1.2.12. Reduction gear, motor reduction gear of 3P-type (band saw machines engine, augers of unloading gear fume-cleaning plant.

1.2.13. Control and measurement devices and automated mechanisms.

2. List of equipment.

2.1. Purchased replaceable equipment for core-mold casting – 6t,10 t moulds, accompanery equipment (basics, sinkheads), slag pots not less than 2m3.

2.2. Replaceable equipment of quench and tempering furnace (rolls of roll-tables for bars transportation inside the furnace).

2.3. Boring bars for deep hole drills (13 m).

2.4. Turning lathe with not less than 13 m .

2.5. Tooth-cutting machines for all kinds of gears (spur gears, helical gears, cone, evolvent and others).

3. Services.

The enterprise needs regularly such services as:

3.1. Repair of big park of REXROTH and VICKERS hydraulic equipment radial piston pumps, axial-piston and impeller (guided-vane) pumps, proportional hydraulic valves and servo valves.

3.2. Construction and installation work for keeping buildings and constructions of the enterprise in good repair (replacement of damaged sandwich boards, covering of bolted connections, crane way girders and other shop metal constructions that are subjected to vibration).

3.3. Elevated job (painting of chimneys, water tower).

3.4. Repair of asynchronuous electro motors with short-circuited rotor (30-160 kW), electro motors of constant current (41-800 kW).

3.5. Manufacturing of spare parts from materials made on commission (with application of drawing, slotting, milling, heat treatment and threading).

3.6. Replacement of crane rails A 75 by enterprises having appropriate authorization documents from State technical supervision service ( rails and fixtures are supplied by a customer).

3.7. Leveling of bridge cranes runways.

3.8. Expert survey of bridge cranes, lift platform on the basis of GAZ auto.

3.9. Ultrasonic control of lifting bridge cranes.

3.10. Check of Coltrol and measurement devices and automated mechanisms, auto-weighing, railway-weighing.